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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service

We are a garage door company and are fast

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Garage Door Remote Clicker

Garage Door Remote Clicker

We guarantee immediate response for garage door clicker problems

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We have the expertise to replace garage door extension springs properly

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Do you want to know more about garage doors, their materials, cost effective solutions and how to fix garage door openers? There are many related questions and we offer answers to the most frequently asked ones so that we cover the needs of more people. We make sure our answers are excellent.

Garage door repair service by expert 24/7 technicians

You ask questions about your garage doors and we answer them. Simply put answers for everyone.

Is it possible to consult for garage door problems?

Yes. Garage door companies offer a free consultation especially when you just give them a call about the problem. According to Sun Valley experts, this is the best solution if you are unsure whether you will go for garage door repair or not.

How can struggling doors be solved?

When the garage door gets stuck in the middle without fully closing or opening it, then it is called a struggling door. To solve it, you need to check the springs. They might need replacement so that the door can open and close smoothly.

What to do when my garage door isn’t working?

Determine if your garage door does not operate the same way like it was before. If not, then, the door is a potential hazard. Do not try to fix it on your own. Contact our technicians right away before things can go out of hand.

What type of care and maintenance is necessary for my wood garage door?

Care and maintenance of a wood garage door is different from the care and maintenance of a steel garage door. With wood garage door, it is not advised to use water as this can damage the finish of the door. , Check the finish of the wood garage door every year. This should help maintain the door’s natural beauty.

How often should I re-paint my garage door?

Both sheet metal and wood garage doors require re-painting once a year to stay effectively protected from water damage. In harsher environments, however, such as coast areas, for instance, re-painting is required more often. In such places, this should be done two times every year, preferably in the spring and fall.

Why the door is balanced by the springs?

The mission of garage door springs is dual. They make sure the door moves up and down and stays open, but also that the door is balanced. Garage doors are balanced thanks to the power distributed evenly by the springs. You can understand it better if considering that each one of the extension springs has equal force as half the door's weight to counterbalance it.

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