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The 5 Tips you cannot ignore when buying a new Garage Door

07/07/2015 Back To Blog

When talking to people you will immediately realize that not much thought goes into the decision of buying a new garage door. This, however, has left many buyers disappointed as they end up with a door that does not fit their real needs or expectations. Below are 5 tips that every buyer needs to go through prior to making any decisions on this important purchase.

5 Important Tips on Purchasing New Garage Doors


You want to have a garage door that matches the décor of your overall house. A quick drive through Sun ValleyThe 5 Tips you cannot ignore when buying a new Garage Door and you will immediately notice there are quite a few beautiful designs out there. Garage doors can include a combination of two or more materials. What you must remember is that what looks perfect on your neighbors' home may not be suitable for your house. This is because you need to take into consideration your architectural design.  No matter how much you like an all glass door it might not suit a period house.

Type of garage door

The type of door to choose depends very much on the functionality of your door. If you need as much space as possible, then you should go for a roll up garage door. If the height of your garage door is much lower than your actual height inside the garage, you cannot opt for an overhead door as this would essentially stand in the middle of your space inside. So the type of door you choose is a very important consideration.


Would you choose a garage door that possibly leads to your home, which lacks basic safety features? I am sure you wouldn’t. Questions you need to go over are whether the material is fireproof, if it comes with a safety lock that is reliable, and last but not least - is it weather friendly! As garage doors are large they tend to become easily damaged with heavy wind if the material is not strong enough.

Extras you may need

Many people would need extras or options. Do the technician what optional items can be installed with your garage door. You may not need (or want to buy) that extra immediately, however you can always enquire whether these extras can be included later on after the installation.

After Sales Service

This might be the most important of the 5 tips. A new garage door, especially if you made the right choices based on the above, may look beautiful, safe and functional! But will it remain this way a few years down the line? This is the real test!  Make sure you understand well what the after sales service includes. Our technicians provide garage door maintenance services. For questions, please feel free to contact our representative at any time!

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